Current/Past Students







Current students

Josi Robertson


After graduating from Hendrix College with a B.A. in Biology I earned an M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Houston-Clear Lake where I conducted my thesis research on, “The Distribution and Life History Characteristics of the Saltmarsh Topminnow (Fundulus jenkinsi) in Texas”. During this time I also worked at the Environmental Institute of Houston (EIH) assisting and helping lead a variety of environmental field studies. I joined the Schwalb lab in summer 2016 and am now pursuing a PhD in Aquatic Resources at Texas State University. My research will focus on the impacts of zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) to Texas systems as well as the mechanisms facilitating the downstream dispersal of zebra mussels from invaded reservoirs. These findings will facilitate our understanding about the expense of the threat of zebra mussel invasion within Texas and provide information needed for management decisions.

Zachary Mitchell


PhD student, distribution of freshwater mussels, drought responses, life history strategies.




Kayla Hayes

KaylaAfter completing my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at Eckerd College, I am now pursing my Master’s at Texas State in Aquatic Resources.

MS topic: Distribution of mussels in Central Texas



Brittney Sanchez



Comparing survey methods for freshwater mussels in Central Texas




Carolyn Trombley

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

I am currently in the PhD program in Integrative Biology at the University of Guelph (co-advised by Dr. Schwalb and Dr. Cottenie) after having completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor of Environmental Science at the University of Guelph. My project explores metacommunity dynamics of fish in the Virgin River, with a focus on determining factors related to the decline of the endemic and critically endangered woundfin (Plagopterus Argentissimus).


Schwalb lab Alumni


Bianca Hernandez, graduated 2016                            Thesis: “Movement behavior of unionid mussels in Central Texas”

Sustainability Education Coordinator with Foundation Communities in Austin, TX




Jenae Olson, graduated 2016                            Thesis: “Dispersal of zebra mussels downstream of an invaded reservoir.”

Veterinary Technician, Sioux Falls, SD





Rebecca Zawalski, graduated 2017

Thesis: “Benthic macroinvertebrate metacommunity structure of the Guadalupe River Basin, TX.” 

Blue Thumb Field Educator at Oklahoma Conservation Commission





Ashley Seagroves, graduated 2017

Thesis “Reproductive ecology of Lampsilis bracteata (Bivalvia: Unionidae)”

Aquatic Biologists with the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department



StaceyStacey Britton, graduated 2018

co-advised with Dr. Dutton

Thesis “Impact of environmental contaminants on the Threeridge mussel (Amblema plicata) in the Guadalupe River basin, Texas.”